Listings 2016

 11th January Richard Kitson (45 min set)
1st Feb Kimbers Men
22nd Feb Dr Butler’s Hatstand Medicine Band
21st March Dave Burland
18th April Leon O’Doherty (45 min set)
16th May Jeni and Billy
6th June Phil Cockerham (45 min set)
27th June Edwina Hayes
26th Sept Hungrytown
3rd Oct We Shall Overcome Night- Dave Burland, The Last of the Independents (Richard Kitson and Scott Doonican, String Theory Plus, Devils Water
10th Oct The Rubber Wellies
17th Oct The Rolling Down Hills (45 min set)
7th Nov Paul Pearson and Chris Treebeard (2 x 30 min sets)
28th Nov CANCELLED = Moonshine Strollers (45 min set)
12th Dec  Jed Grimes
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