Past Guests

We take pride in providing a varied programme of acoutic acts ranging from traditional folk to Blues and Americana and including local, national and international musicians.  Here are some of the acts from the last few years;


Jim Eldon, Blackbush, Dave Kidman, Kerr and Hancock, Roger Davies, Jeni and Billy, Gerry McNeice, Toein’ in the Dark, Lynne Heraud and Pat Turner, Threebeard, The Bar-Steward Sons of Val Doonican, Amy Condrey, Katriona Gilmore and Jamie Roberts, Bo Weavil, Bryony Griffith and Will Hampson, Rawmarsh Mashers, Harry Bird and the Rubber Wellies, Ray Hearne, Mick McGarry, Five and Dimers, Zoe Bottomley, String Theory, Dave Burland, The Barnsley Lads, Robin Garside, Muppet, Dan Mckinnon, It’s Acoustica, Jim McDonald, Jed Grimes, Phil Cockerham, Wilde Sammon, Steve Turner, Hillbilly Troupe, Shaun Hutch , Anna Shannon, Anne Jackson and Ricky SIlvers, The Kate Green Band, Paul Pearson and Chris Treebeard, Roger Wilson, Jan Bell, Serious Sam Barrett, The Backyard Buskers, Hissyfit, MickMcgarry, Sean and James Cannon, Jenny and Dave (St Louis Zipper), Archie Fisher, FYRISH, ItsAcoustica, Tom Attah, Richard Kitson, Wizz Jones, Barrie and Ingrid Temple, The Askew Sisters, George Papavgeris, Tom Bliss, Robin Garside & Paul Gough, Dave Burland, String Theory, IslaSt Clair, Andy Broderick, Hedgehog Pie, The Cherry Hintons, Andy Irvine, Condie and Tolfrey, The WItches of Elswick, McFolk, James Meadows, John Connolly, Judy Cook, Brian Peters, Tom Napper and Tom Bliss, Roger Sutcliffe, Mary Humphries and Anahata, Leon O’Doherty, Steph Shaw, Anne Jackson and Ricky Silvers, Steve Tilston